Website development

Do you have a website that is outdated?  Or perhaps you don't even have a website for your practice yet?

Let Lively Feet build you a fabulous professional website that will WOW!  We offer beautiful cost-effective sites that showcase your practice. 


Ready to take the plunge into social media, but not sure where to start?  

Lively Feet offers a quick and easy Facebook set-up service.  We handle everything from custom-designed cover photos through to ensuring that your page is AHPRA compliant (if you're an AHPRA registered profession).  

We can get you up and running in a matter of days and will teach you how to manage your Facebook page.

social media Graphics

Do you look at other business' fabulous social media graphics, and wish you could do something similar?

Save time and let Lively Feet do the hard work for you!  We have a range of social media graphics packages to make your social media services look amazing.

website legal packages

Aside from your website, your website legal package is perhaps the most significant investment you'll make for your business online.

As a health care practitioner you need to ensure that the appropriate medical disclaimers are compliant and included on your website.

Social Media Training

Social media can be daunting.  How do I know the best time to post on Facebook?  How do I create jaw-dropping graphics when I'm not a designer?  What is social media strategy? Do I even need a Twitter account??  So many questions to take into account!

Okay, take a deep breath and put up your feet.  Lively Feet's online training packages will teach you everything you need to know about running your social media services.  We'll make you a social media expert in no time.

social media management

Wave the "magic wand" and have all your social media managed for you.  Divine!

blogging services

Blogging is an amazing way to connect with your audience AND improve that all important search engine optimisation (SEO).  But who has time to blog when you have a busy practice to run?  

Sit back and relax.  Lively Feet's blogging service writes "white label" blogs that you can publish as your own!