Facebook is one of your practice's key digital marketing tools; but it can be time consuming (and not to mention creatively exhausting) to constantly come up with new and engaging content to fill your Facebook newsfeed.

To help get your creative juices flowing, I've put together the ultimate A-to-Z guide for healthcare practices.  I promise that by the time you get to Z, you'll never be stuck for Facebook posts ideas again!  




Ask a question

Asking a question is a great way to engage with your audience.  It prompts comments from your fans (which increases the organic reach) and can give you valuable audience insights.




Blog Posts

The main aim of your Facebook page is to promote your business and have potential clients book an appointment with you.  

One of the most effective ways to do this is to drive people from your Facebook page to your website.  This is where blog posts come in.  People see your blog post ... are interested in reading what you have to say ... click on the link ... and pronto!  That person is now on your website.

There are so many great reasons to have a blog on your website (read about them here), making blog posts fantastic content for your Facebook newsfeed.




Case Studies

Your audience will identify with real people and real medial conditions, making case studies popular content for your newsfeed.  

This builds trust with your audience and places you as an expert, who can fix their problems.  




Data & infographics

People love visual content making infographics an easy way to get your message across.





Gosh we love events to fill up a newsfeed!  Social media is all about being "social" and events sits very nicely with this theme.  

There are so many types of events that you can promote on your newsfeed.  Here are a number of examples:

Health Awareness Days

Social Occasions & Events 

Local Events

Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Practice Events 

Seasonal Events

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & #TGIF!

Public Holidays





Answering frequently asked questions on your FB newsfeed provides valuable information to your fans.  This information can easily be shared, increasing your organic reach.  




Go behind the scenes

Showing people what happens on a day-to-day basis in your practice brings a personal touch to your FB newsfeed.  

Health care marketing is all about building trust with your audience and what better way to do this than allowing people to see what goes on behind the scenes.




Health Promotion

Use your FB newsfeed for good and promote important health causes!





Instagram and Facebook work together like socks and shoes (sorry, I couldn't resist the foot pun!).  No wonder Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram back in 2012. 

Instagram is a fantastic tool for taking "behind the scenes" footage or for showcasing visual content (click here to learn more about the importance of visual content and online marketing).

Sharing posts from your Instagram account to your FB page is not only great (and instant AND engaging) content, but it means your updates are posted on two social media platforms.  

The more practice promotion, the better! 




Jokes & Humour

Funny works so well on Facebook.  People just love humour and if it really tickles their fancy they will share it (which is what you're aiming for!).




Keeping It Real

People log onto Facebook to see what their friends are up to ... they're not logging on to see what their dentist got up to on the weekend!  

But if they do happen to see a post of their dentist doing [FILL IN THE BLANKS] on the weekend, it suddenly feels like they are more of a friend than just a dentist.

Posts that show you "keeping it real" are a really effective way to increase your FB page engagement and build trust with your audience.




leave your mark

Putting your practice branding on visual content is a really smart way to promote your practice.  

Any time your post is liked or shared your organic reach increases (i.e. free FB promotion).  As your post is seen by more and more people, so is your practice name.

Lively Feet can design custom-made visual graphics for your social media services.  Click here to find out more.




Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane is a really effective way to promote your practice on FB. These types of posts bring up nostalgic feelings about childhood, old friends or pop culture trends that are now long gone, which people just LOVE!

Add a hashtag #TBT (that's "throw-back-Thursday") or #ThrowbackThursday or #Throwback and your organic reach will increase further.





If you have practice news, or if you're in the news, or if there is a relevant topic in the news this week, add these stories to your FB newsfeed.




Offers and promotions

Running an offer or a promotion?  Your Facebook newsfeed is a great place to tell people all about it.

N.B. If you're thinking of running a promotion, be aware that there may be a number of regulations that you might need to consider.  For example:

  • Facebook Pages Terms
  • Professional Registration Guidelines (for example, AHPRA in Australia)
  • Gaming and/or Gambling Laws



Profile an employee

Regularly profile everyone from your clinical to support staff.  Letting your fans get to know your team on a more personal level, makes them feel like part of the family too.

Remember it's all about building trust!





Quotes work really well to promote your practice, because people can easily identify with them.

This type of post is often shared, which increases your organic reach (so if you have your practice branding on the post it can really promote your practice!).

What's more, quotes are easy content to develop (especially if Lively Feet does it for you!), so it's a win-win situation of quick and engaging content for your newsfeed.





Sharing relevant research with your audience is a simple way to stamp your authority about health care topics.  

It demonstrates that you up to date with the latest technology and techniques which builds trust and respect with your fans.




Services & products

Showcase your products and services and let your fans know what you have to offer!




Trending, Viral & Popular

Yep, jump on that bandwagon!  If it's trending, viral or popular share it.




Useful Tips

It's digital marketing 101.  Give away high value information and people will see your generosity and will want to be nice back to you (i.e. buy services from you).




Video Posts

8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day.  8 billion!  Statistics tell us that native Facebook videos have a greater organic reach than any other type of post.

Your videos don't have to be Oscar-worthy.  In fact, by "keeping it real" your audience will be more likely to identify and engage with you.

So pick up your smartphone and create a video post today.




Website promotion

We've already discussed using blog posts to move people from your Facebook page onto your website, but you can also use other types of posts to promote your website too.

Here are three great examples:





Okay, so I struggled to come up with something starting with "X"!  But cross promotion on Facebook is a great way to get your practice exposed to a wider audience than just your usual fans.

Speak with other practices / clinicians in your referral circle, and ask them if you can promote their Facebook page on your timeline (and then hopefully they will promote yours in return!). 





YouTube is full of clips that you can easily share on your timeline.  It's an easy source of content to fill up your newsfeed.





Well done, you've reached Zen!  

Sit back and relax with the above content ideas to keep your Facebook newsfeed full for the foreseeable future!