A web-footed podiatrist

Oh yeah, we're full of podiatry puns!

The Lively Feet story started with Australian podiatrist Nicole Morgan.

Once upon a time you would have found Nicole managing allied health and multi-disciplinary health teams; but now she manages a team of consultant designers, developers and social media strategists.  

Yes it does seem a little strange! 

It all started when Nicole was home on maternity leave.  With a background in diabetes high risk foot care, Nicole founded Lively Feet with the vision to create an innovative and completely unique website - The Diabetes Foot - to support and inspire people with diabetes to keep their feet healthy.

With a passion for online marketing and design utilising social media based platforms, Nicole began The Diabetes Foot journey and literally lived and breathed all things websites, social media and online marketing in between changing nappies and very little sleep!

Over the course of two years she had built up a successful online presence, with The Diabetes Foot launching in 2015.

By early 2016 Nicole was assisting friends and colleagues with their own online ventures  and it was at this point that Nicole realised Lively Feet was evolving into something different altogether.

Nicole discovered quite early in The Diabetes Foot journey that the online marketing requirements of health is unique; particularly for Australian AHPRA registered practitioners.  

Traditional social media and online marketing strategies are not in alignment with the AHPRA advertising guideline and therefore health care practices need to change their approach when it comes to their online platforms.  

Armed with this unique experience, the Lively Feet team is dedicated to supporting other health care practitioners to find their "feet" online.

Told you we're full of podiatry puns!